Thanks to an innovative technology, our  NOMAWOOD®  design decking offers you some unique colours plus a lot of advantages. Our products are anti-slip, tough and above all, low-maintenance, unlike products made from wood or composite. NOMAWOOD® is 100% recyclable and its easy slide assembly system makes it easy to fit.

NOMAWOOD® SYSTEM is available in two ranges

NOMAWOOD® System decking

The manufacturing process behind NOMAWOOD® System design decking is based on recycled particles. Choosing NOMAWOOD® System means choosing a product which combines good looks, great performance and respect for the environment.  The NOMAWOOD® colour palette offers numerous possibilities for designing your outdoor living spaces. Our colours are guaranteed to resist whatever the elements throw at them!

NOMAWOOD® System Exclusive decking

Tough and timeless, NOMAWOOD® System Exclusive decking offers the elegance and class you are looking for! Our NOMAWOOD® System Exclusive products are solution dyed and come in colours which are unique on the market.

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