The products in the NOMAWOOD® range offer better resistance and performance than wood or composite products. NOMAWOOD® products are manufactured with the very best technology, meaning that they offer innovative and advantageous technical characteristics.

Unlike wood or composite materials, our products:

  • are 100 % watertight;
  • resist mould;
  • do not produce any splinters;
  • offer better resistance to discoloration and staining;
  • and do not require any treatment or painting.

What’s more, the boards in the NOMAWOOD SYSTEM® range are made from recycled materials, which is very good for the environment.

NOMAWOOD® products are guaranteed for 10 years with regard to colour stability.

NOMAWOOD® is a 100% synthetic polymer-based profile.

Unlike composite wood (also referred to as extruded wood or Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), NOMAWOOD® contains neither wood, nor wood fibres, which are the cause of deep-seated colour changes and mould. The products also contain no PVC.

Thanks to their unique composition, NOMAWOOD® products offer considerable advantages:

  • No swelling
  • No deformation
  • No discoloration
  • No moss
  • No splinters

Our manufacturing process includes a process for recycling waste, which is reused along the production line. We also use green energy produced by solar panels fitted to our buildings. All these practices combine to make NOMAWOOD® part of a process which respects the environment.

A list of sales outlets and certified fitters is available on the ‘Where to buy’ tab.

You can find samples of NOMAWOOD® at your local dealership.

NOMAWOOD® is part of the NMC S.A. group, which offers its customers a 10-year guarantee on its excellent quality products.

After delivery, this guarantee assures you that:

  • NOMAWOOD® products do not suffer from termite damage;
  • NOMAWOOD® products do not rot;
  • NOMAWOOD® products do not turn grey;
  • NOMAWOOD® products do not produce any splinters;
  • no coats of moss or algae build up indoors;
  • NOMAWOOD® products do not absorb water (less than 1%);
  • and NOMAWOOD® products are delivered at stable density.

 The above list is restrictive and exclusive.

When it comes to wood or composite, maintenance costs are high and increase over time. Across the whole lifetime of your NOMAWOOD® product, these maintenance costs are lower. This represents added value compared to wood, not to mention the time gained in enjoying your decking rather than having to work on it.

  • Maintenance: NOMAWOOD® needs only occasional cleaning with water and/or with a pressure washer.
  • Appearance: NOMAWOOD® offers a range of on-trend, long-lasting colours, with textures and grain inspired by wood. Over time, these boards of NOMAWOOD® retain their fresh look and do not deteriorate.

Maintenance and cleaning

NOMAWOOD® products can be washed with water on its own or soapy water with gentle household cleaning products. Use a non-metallic brush for the tougher stains.

We strongly advise against using scouring powders, aggressive substances or ketone or aromatic solvents such as benzine, acetone, turpentine, kerosene, white spirit or other similar products. Always do a patch test first.

Suntan oil, anti-mosquito sprays, rubber, lit cigarettes and embers are likely to cause permanent stains. This list is not exhaustive.

Your NOMAWOOD® product can be washed in plain water or soapy water and gentle household cleaning products. You can also use a pressure washer. Just use a single jet of water with a fan spray and a cleaner whose pressure is not more than 3100 psi to clean off any dirt or debris. Make sure to keep the water jet at least 30 cm from the coating.

Installation of NOMAWOOD® products

We advise you to call on a certified fitter to install NOMAWOOD®. However, a competent DIY-er can fit a NOMAWOOD® product if the fitting instructions are scrupulously followed.

Yes, a team of experts is standing by to answer your questions:

NOMAWOOD® planks can be processed with traditional woodworking tools. No special tools are required.

The best results are achieved with a circular saw. NOMAWOOD® recommends a saw blade for aluminium with not many teeth.

When using a circular saw, always cut very quickly to avoid creating too much heat. Cutting too slowly can melt the material.

Yes, if you follow the spotlight manufacturer’s fitting instructions. To ensure maximum stability, it is best to place them in the middle of the strip.

NOMAWOOD® strips dilate by 0.8 mm per linear metre per 10° C. This dilation can be controlled by fitting a dilation screw at the assembly stage. For more details, consult the fitting instructions

Characteristics of NOMAWOOD® products

Because they are 100% synthetic, your NOMAWOOD® strips pose no risk of splinters.

NOMAWOOD® stretches and contracts predictably depending on the temperature.

NOMAWOOD® is waterproof. It will not swell up and is not sensitive to frost. In addition, the NOMAWOOD® strips have no cavities, thereby preventing water from stagnating.