Our advantages

Practices like these are a thing of the past!

impermeable-nomawood imputrescible-nomawood pas-de-lasure-nomawood pas-d-entretien-nomawood resiste-au-temps-nomawood

Our range of products features a whole host of advantages which save you time and ensure your results always look perfect!


NOMAWOOD® is a sustainable floor covering with stable colours, meaning it needs no maintenance. NOMAWOOD® can resist anything the elements throw at it, which means you will be able to enjoy your terrace all year round without having to waste precious time on maintenance. Children can run and play in complete safety, because NOMAWOOD® also stands out thanks to its safe, non-slip and splinter-free surface.

Our NOMAWOOD® products:

  • are water resistant ;
  • are easy to clean ;
  • are easy to install ;
  • are UV resistant ;
  • don't rott or swell ;
  • need no staining
  • are smooth and non-slip;
  • have no splinters ;
  • are 100% recycable ;
  • are high qualité «made in Belgium » ;
  • are easy to repair