Timeless, tough blinds

NOMAWOOD® blinds with their contemporary lines are made from a new-generation material which respects the environment and guarantees you low maintenance. A partner for life!

Thanks to their wide choice of colours, our range of profiles can be adapted and integrated in your garden to give it a unique finish. Create your NOMAWOOD® blinds and give your garden, balcony or patio its own personal style with our design panels!

Whether you want to preserve your privacy, keep out of the wind or just protect your living space, NOMAWOOD® panels offer an elegant and versatile solution to your needs. Our products guarantee you a level of quality which meets your most demanding requirements. Choosing NOMAWOOD® means choosing peace of mind.

An innovative product: the same post, whatever the angles you want, for a solution that perfectly matches the contours of your space.

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  • brise-vues-bl6-white-belgique
  • Brise-vues-db1-dba1-steppe-hedach-butgenbach-belgique
  • brise-vues-bl6-grey-montana-belgique